Pakistan among the countries with most cardiac patients due to poor diet

35-40 years old are at most risk of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan.

The number of cardiac patients across the country had increased over the past two decades due to poor diet and absurd environmental conditions

We belong to a community where people don’t necessarily use dustbin with “Use Me’’ sign, breaking traffic signals, smoking in “No Smoking” areas, parking in “No Parking” zones, entering from “Exit” and exiting from “Enter”.

We have put a deaf ear to the years of research and factual reports on the benefits of healthy eating and have entered into a DANGER ZONE area by our own will. So the unhealthy and junk foods have provided gateways to enter into the world of Cardio-Vascular diseases. It’s like an open invitation to hospitals and medical stores. Heavy on pocket as well. Why would we treat ourselves with such harshness for no apparent reason?

35-40 years old at most risk of cardiovascular diseases in Pakistan:

Studies that are lately conducted in Pakistan, have shown that people in the age range of 35 to 40 are being affected by the poor diet routine and the environmental changes. The statistics were shared by Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC) Executive Director Major General Azhar Mehmood Kiyani while talking to a local media source.

Of course, that too is the result of humans’ apathetic behavior towards mother earth. Health is at risk and a human heart is deteriorating.

Heart diseases and stroke are the cause of death of nearly half of the population and that is stimulated due to the poor health condition and pitiable intake of diet. Doctors are of the opinion that obese people when trying to lose weight; also becomes a victim of cardiac arrests and diseases.

There is a dire need to create awareness of such fatal issues and the deadly impacts it has on human health. The powerful tool of media can be used to talk more about such issues and frequently make it a topic of discussion to save people from getting into false habits of irregular eating.

Moreover, you can also keep such diseases at bay by taking good care of your diet and take good sleep for about 6 to eight hours. We should together value the importance of life and treat it nicely the way your body deserves.

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