Pakistan is the 4th most diabetic country in the world

"A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are imperative for diabetes management".

Pakistan has been ranked fourth in the world for diabetes prevalence. Seeing this, Dr. Sarwar Malik, head of the Federal Government Polyclinic Diabetes Department, stated that emergency steps must be taken immediately for control and prevention of the disease, which is caused by high glucose levels in the blood.

“In Pakistan, the situation regarding diabetes is alarming. We used to rank 10th in the world in terms of having the highest number of people living with diabetes, but now, the ranking position has reached fourth as the disease has reached epidemic proportions,” – he said while addressing a World Diabetes Day seminar at the hospital.

Focus on the adoption of preventive measures :

Furthermore, a walk was also held to lay emphasis on the need for the adoption of preventive measures against diabetes and its early diagnosis. Dr. Shoaib Khan, Polyclinic executive director, also took part in the event.

Dr. Sarwar Malik asked for better public awareness of diabetes for prevention and treatment. He explained that diabetes had the potential to damage numerous body organs if people were ignorant about such a serious issue.

The head of the Diabetes Department said that the hospital was going to start an awareness program for diabetes control and prevention.
As per him, exercise lowered blood glucose levels and boosts the body’s sensitivity to insulin, fighting insulin resistance and consequently, benefitting people with diabetes.

Dr. Sharif Astori, the Polyclinic spokesman, said that the right diet and exercise should lower the risk of diabetes, even if people had a high chance of developing it.
He asked for a lifestyle change, to help improve insulin sensitivity, blood lipid profiles and help lower high blood sugar levels.

“A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are imperative for diabetes management,” – he said.

Dr. Astori warned that obesity increased the chances of type 2 diabetes. He said that ignorance could cause death by diabetes.

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