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The National Security Advisor, Mooed Yusuf, has said that the window of hope and expectation in India-Pakistan relations, which opened in February with the reconfirmation of the 2003 ceasefire, “is perhaps still there,” provided India is willing to create a conducive environment.

In an interview with The Wire journalist Karan Thapar, Yusuf said Pakistan wouldn’t accept if India deploys its people in Afghanistan to incite terrorism in Pakistan, adding that Afghanistan should never become a haven for terrorists.

The NSA said a window for an improved relationship between Pakistan and India was open, but India had to create the “enabling environment.”

He said India would miss a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity if it neglected to take up this chance to move forward with Pakistan’s current civil and military leadership.

India’s sincerity 

The NSA said one might test sincerity by seeing whether India did the minimum required to start at least a conversation on resolving Kashmir. “Second, we would want India to take some steps on the ground.”

Yusuf added that an illegal change on the 5th of August 2019 had to be reversed to start a conversation on giving Kashmiris their right to self-determination.

“You cannot expect India to continue perpetrating terrorism in our country and hope that we close our eyes because the global narrative is on India’s side.”

He went on to say if anyone in India or elsewhere thought that Pakistan’s friendly narrative on moving forward was signaling that it would forget Kashmir and move on, “those people are living in fool’s paradise.”

He restated that a basket of things on Kashmir and India had to stop perpetrating terrorism against Pakistan “for us to know India is sincere.”

Criticizing the Indian government for its “role to harm Pakistan” globally, he continued that one of the Indian politicians had openly said that India assured Pakistan remained on the FATF grey list.

He said it was also disturbing that India tapped the mobile phone of Pakistan’s prime minister.

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  • Moeed Yousuf is brilliant!!!

    Indeed a great choice as an NSA by our beloved leader IK.

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