Pakistan – One of The Least Racist Countries In The World

If we treat this data as indicative of racial tolerance, then we might conclude that people in the bluer countries are the least likely to express racist attitudes, while the people in red countries are the most likely.

According to data revealed by the World Values Survey (reported in Washington Post), Pakistan is among the most racially tolerant or least racist countries in the world. The statistics were tabulated by Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom has made people more or less racially intolerant.

The surveyors asked people from almost 80 countries to identify the sort of people they will not prefer to have as neighbours. Few replied saying ”people of a different race”. It was concluded that this question can serve as a reliable indicator of racial tolerance in different countries.

Only 6.5% Pakistanis objected to having neighbours belonging to a different race. The data revealed that Latin American countries and Anglosphere were the most tolerant in the world. It showed that people from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Jordan and Indian were concluded to be most racially to be least racially tolerant, as per the data. Among the 81 countries that were surveyed, only three countries had more than 40 per cent of respondents saying that they would not prefer having a racially diverse neighbour or someone belonging to a different racial background.

51.4 per cent of Jordanians, 71.8 per cent of Hong Kongers, 71.7 per cent of Bangladeshis and 43.5 per cent of Indians were termed racially intolerant by the report.

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