Pakistan opens its first security and reporting center for the transgender community

To address the grievances of Pakistan’s marginalized transgender community, a security and reporting center has been established in Rawalpindi.

The Police Khidmat Markaz and Reporting Center will help the transgender community with their complaints, particularly related to gender-based violence. The center will also provide legal help.

This decision was taken after the Rawalpindi police included the first-ever transgender woman, Reem Sharif, in the force. She was hired to help as a victim support officer.

The Police Khidmat Markaz and Reporting Center for Transgenders is the first unit of its kind. Through this center, people of the community can seek help without the fear of being discriminated against or sidelined.

It is refreshing to see Pakistan finally owning its gender minorities. Hopefully, this will be the first step towards making this country a better place for people regardless of their gender or religious affiliation.

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