Pakistan Opens First Eye Bank In Rawalpindi

Opening new avenues of medical facilitation in Pakistan reputed Al Shifa Trust has inaugurated Pakistan’s first eye bank in Capital’s twin city, Rawalpindi.

Head of the trust, General (retd) Hamid Javed said that they are making efforts wholeheartedly and dedicatedly to provide the best medical facilities in Pakistan. While speaking on the occasion, he said that they will be collecting donations from within the country.

“We have joined hands to bring the citizens an international non-governmental organization to collect corneal donations within the country” – said, General Hamid Javed, while addressing an event related to the inauguration.

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He also said that the eye bank will make sure of the most advanced and innovative technological methods for improving delivery mechanism of services.

“The facilities are top notch here and up to international standards. With the latest equipment, the doctors will be able to safely retrieve and store cornea for transplants and conduct research’’

General Javed went on saying that 80 eye transplants are successfully carried on every single month. Hence the eye bank will further galvanize the process and number of patients will be treated due to improved facilitation and services.

“The eye bank will serve as a catalyst for more transplants in the country as well’’ – Javed added.

Last month, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) medial transplant regulator also cleared four ophthalmology departments to conduct corneal transplants in the province. The permission was granted after MTRA (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Medical Transplantation Regulatory Authority) held a meeting in Peshawar. Applications from different health institutions were reviewed during the meeting, and only selective were allowed the permission to carry out these transplants.

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