Pakistan Penal Code making female stalking an offense punishable with imprisonment, fine

The Federal Minister of Law and Justice, Dr. Farogh Naseem, put the draft in the federal cabinet.

female stalking to be made an offense

The law ministry has proposed to make “female stalking” an offense by inserting Section 354B in The Pakistan Penal Code with quantum and fine.

The Federal Minister of Law and Justice, Dr. Farogh Naseem, put the draft in the federal cabinet.

It is stated in section 354B that the term “stalking” means any man who follows a woman and attempts to contact a woman to foster personal interaction repeatedly, despite a clear indication of disinterest by the woman. Or, “monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other kind of electronic communication, commits the offense of stalking.”

It is proposed, “if a woman complains to the police officer that a man is stalking her, the officer shall issue a notice to the man. Moreover, upon finding his (man) explanation unsatisfactory, through a written order, the officer shall issue a caution to the man warning him to stay away from the complainant on such terms and conditions as deemed fit.”

However, if the man violates the order of caution, he shall be guilty of an offense punishable with imprisonment of up to three months and a fine for an amount of PKR 100,000, the proposed PPC section says.

It is stated that if the man continues to stalk despite the warning, the offense shall be punishable for a term of one year and an amount of PKR 500,000.

The proposed section also clarified that conduct should not amount to stalking if the man pursuing the woman is doing so to prevent or detect a crime and the man accused of stalking had been entrusted with the responsibility of preventing and detecting crime by the state.

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  • Law main police walon and other law enforcement walon ko choot da di gaye hai, jo yeh kam sab sa ziada kartay hain.

  • Finally! I was so surprised after finding out two months before that we don’t have this law. In many countries this prove to be very successful. Fortunately now we have it too…. But I’m worried that what will happen to our dramas where stalking is consider as love and romance…

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