Pakistan Post to deliver pensions to 1.5 million people at their doorstep to protect them from COVID-19

This will eliminate the need of going out of the house to collect pension.


In an outstanding and much-needed gesture, the Pakistan Post has started delivering pensions to the people across the country at their doorsteps. Federal Minister for Postal Services Murad Saeed took the necessary step to facilitate people.

It will eliminate the need to leave the house for pension collection, thus protecting the people from COVID-19. 

The Pakistan Post aims to facilitate about 1.5 million pensioners. Almost Rs 1.3 million have been delivered to 272,000 people across the country already.

”Pakistan Post has started delivering pensions to 1.5 million people at their doorstep to protect them from coronavirus by ensuring social distancing & staying-at-home. In 3 days PKR 3.1 bn were paid out to 200,000 pensioners”, Universal Postal Union wrote on Twitter. 


Minister Murad Saeed appreciated the employees of Pakistan Post for working tirelessly to facilitate people.

”This was a big task and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these people”, Murad said.

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    Very well done murals saeed and ur team,up to the task and helped very ignored and needy people,we need people like u in all dept,we will not see any problem.Thanks again

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