‘Pakistan Post revenues increased 60m within a year’

The state enterprise previously faced loss and carried a negative image.

‘Pakistan Post revenues increased 60m within a year’


Islamabad, Tuesday: Murad Saeed, Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services, announced that under the incumbent government, the revenue of Pakistan Post massively increased from Rs.8 billion to Rs.14 billion in the span of a year.

As per the statement that was issued, the federal minister announced that the state enterprise increased Rs.60 million in revenue and additionally, it also made many other public sectors will gain profit instead of loss under the government of PM Imran Khan.

He also said that the national postal service will bring groundbreaking changes in the logistics sector in the coming time, and that about 46000 E-Commerce parcels had been transferred. Due to increase in business from the past, Pakistan Post also asked for an additional carriage from Pakistan Railways.

“I feel happy to see that Pakistan Post an important department of the country is flourishing” – said the minister.

He was also very pleased to announce that post services are soon going to launch a project called the ‘’Made in Pakistan Products’’ internationally.

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Revolutionizing Pakistan Post: Introducing Parcel Tracking, 72-Hour Export Parcel Service And Home Pick Up

Murad Saeed stated that if downfall is faced by public organizations, then the money will have to be spent on these organizations for their betterment and to bring them out of their crisis other than investing in other sectors i.e. health, education etc.

Revolutionizing Post:

The national postal service carried a negative repute previously. However, Murad Saeed initiated the reforms and subsequently started to modernize the department. A number of services complying with modern dynamics were also introduced. Firstly, the application was introduced to keep a record and track the parcels.

Secondly, track and trace parcel service, tracking app, 72-hour export parcel service and home pick up were also introduced.

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