Pakistan Post employees are selling customer’s parcels in markets

Many parcels are being sold in 'itwaar bazaar' every Sunday in Islamabad.

A social media user named Haseeb Sohail has revealed that Pakistan Post employees have been selling customer’s parcels in the market. He shared his story on his Facebook account.

Haseeb posted, “I order many items on Ali Express, China, and expect it to be delivered at my home address without tampering or stealing. I have been shopping online for the last seven years, but my parcels have stopped being delivered for the previous two months; they just vanish into thin air by the Pakistan Post.

Shockingly, it turns out that the Pakistan Post employees are selling these parcels in the market and buyers have been selling them online after opening them. Someone told me that many items are being sold in ‘itwaar bazaar’ every Sunday in Islamabad.

I have lost faith in this country. I made orders of around $200 on the Ali express and received only one package worth $1.67 during the last two months.”

Haseeb added, “I tried calling Murad Saeed, the Minister who deals with the Pakistan Post, and it turns out all the MNA’s have given fake mobile numbers to the election commission as per their website.

I also spoke to my postman, who delivers parcels to my address in Islamabad. He said packages, which reach Karachi for sorting, are not being released; the estate enterprise employees either sell them or take them to their homes.”

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  • یہ قوم مر جاے گی حرام کھانا بند نہیں کرے گی۔

    خان صاحب گاٹے لاؤ گاٹے


      • No its not fake, I am also victim of this. jo non track parcel hoty hain wo pak post wly apny pas rakh daty hain kiu k un ka koi record ni hota
        may b boht dafa gpo Rawalpindi main isi chakro main zalel hoa ho or un ka jawab tha k parcel non traceable hai hum kuch ni kr skty. yai sb ab se ni ho rha yai bht phly se ho rha hai is ka bhtrin hal yai hai k ap tory ziada pasy day k traceable delivery krwa lain jis registered mail kahty hain

      • No it can be true i also ordered almost 23 items in last two months from ali express when i inquired from my area post office they give an excuse of lock down. Whether in past years i regularly recieved my parcel.

        • 2iPhone 512gb 2ipad 512gb 1laptop 1drone kids car I lost from last 3months. We need to send message to PM Imran Khan. On Pakistan portal

      • Yeh Sach ha Bhai aisa hi ho rha ha Pakistan post ma.. Mere parcel customer ko received ho gye hn 1 month phly. Lkn .ujhy payment nahi mili abi Tak ..

  • سارے پاکستان کا یہی حال ہے ..آپ کس کس
    کو رویں گے؟…اور کوئی پوچھنے والا نہیں..
    یہی اسلامی جمہوریت کا حسن ہے.

  • Anyone who says anything about PTI is a raw agent or patwari period. This is in a nutshell for you.

    • PTI also supports patwaries who give them Pti leaders some sort of facilities. My 206 kanal land been grabbed by Salman waraich(joint secretory in ministry of climate change) with help of Patwari and tehsildar. I complained on citizen portal many times. Ac, dc or tehsildar are in patwari’s pocket and Patwari, mpa, Mna even pm Imran khan Saab are in Salman waraich’s pocket. Imran khan, zartaj gul and many other politicians visit his rest house for hunting or parties.

  • I was in Pakistan few years ago, my credit card expired. I asked my bank in London to send me new at my Lahore address. I did not get it but after a few days someone bought big screen tv with it in India. Imagine that.


  • I also order from ali express, i did shoping of 25$ but i received only one parcel worth of 11$. Other 2 parcell didnot i receive yet. I ordered 9 to 10 months before. Shame on Pakistan post department.

  • Fake and biased news. Kindly contact that store and then post your opinion. These parcels doesn’t belongs to Pakistan as per Store owner.

  • well I have no doubt about it from Pakistan Post that they open international parcels. I sent two letters few years back and in one i put some Pak rupees that I didnt needed here. The letter with rupees went missing and the other reached destination, though both of them were sent to same destination

  • same sittution i make 11 orders BUT I DIDN’T RECIVED ANY.
    All paracals deliverd to my country and still in Custom office.
    i think from last 2 months……. wth aaa loog ethy pain yawa rehy aa bech bech ty ma chines no gallan kadi jaa reha

    • Bhai kuch ESA he mahol hai ma samaj raha ta k ye covid19 ki waja sy hai. Magar ni ye in haramiyo k karnamo hai. Hamp Pakistan portal par PM imran Khan ko itna dini chahiyea lazim.

  • No doubt from the month of June upto now I lose 2iphone 512gb 2ipad 512gb 1laptop 1drone and kids jeep. I should receive this in August 3 to sep 1. But I have doubt they sell it. Just on 15th sep I rec a simple item which I order. And they dont need that bcoz cheap. Very sad .

    • you ordered 2 iphones, 2 ipads, 1 laptop and a drone from ali express??? if you can spend that much money then you could have purchased from local store bhai! unable to understand your story… you are ready to pay hefty tax to FBR!!!

  • yaha jitne b comments ker rahe hein aur doosro ko aaina dikha rahe hein mein yaqeen se kehta hoo k agar unhein b corruption ka un ke hesiyat k mutabiq moqa milta ho ga to wo b nahi chorte ho gay,, 😀

    • Either you or your parents must be haram khor, which is why you are projecting such an image for the rest of us here. If this is your criteria to judge others then I’m sorry to say your parents definitely didn’t feed to rizq e halal.

  • Shame on you all who wrote this and who published it and the shame on all above comments that abuse Pakistan post.
    None of these parcels have delivery address of Pakistan.
    Pakistan post is not involved in handling of these parcels.
    You can watch live streams of Amber Store at Facebook, he clearly shows the addresses.

    Just shame on you all who have no respect for their motherland and its departments.

  • This os not pak post this dhl and leopard who are doing this shit. Pak post doesnot have such computerized stickering and stamps. They are still using mannual hand punch stamps and mannual paper writing customers address details not computerized.. Further i also saw on facebool that many people from islamabad and karachi are dhl parcel by weighr 1000 to 2000 per kg. And they clearly says dhl parcel for sale by weight.

  • This is not pak post this is dhl and leopard who are doing this shit. Pak post does not have such computerized stickering and stamps. They are still using mannual hand punch stamps and mannual paper writing for customer address and details not computerized ones.. Further i also saw on facebook that many people from islamabad and karachi are selling dhl parcel by weight from 1000 to 2000 per kg. And they clearly says dhl parcel for sale by weight.

  • ya its correct my Aliexpress china parcels also lost it huge number , i was not aware they sell in islamabad too. but i was aware of selling in karachi my a lot of parcels reach to karachi the tracking shows reach to karachi and then they disappear in karachi. in karachi its sold near Aladdin park. per package 200 rupee and ahead ur luck what u find in it. so its bad if islamabad dudes are involve in it too.

  • Haram khana hamaray pyaray mulk mein aksariat (majority) awam ka wateeera ban chuka hai; unfortunately there’s no cure for this except a total annihilation of this God forsaken spiteful nation err… I meant “hujoom” not nation.

    P.S lanat be shumar @PakPost

  • I have found one named Mustafa Saeed store on Face book they sale it online (live), after opening a woman/girl suggest it`s price and people done it on spot online check that store , through cyber crime may be it`s not like that but what i doubt when ever u ask
    as from Where these parcel comes from they never replied you on that comment this is doubtfull , i request to trace down that store and revealed the truth……………………

    • You are right bro. They never replied. Because of more buyers sellers required more lots from main sellers so now they are missing more parcels to fulfil their resellers require..
      And some our pakistanies families buying proudly. They never tried to search the reality??

  • Pak Post employees are taking these parcels home. DG Pak post knows this is happening and he always mentions that we are not responsible for untracked packages, even on Citizens portal. I did my investigations and did found out that untracked parcels are taken home because they don’t have any tracking info when outside china. Also, labels are printed within Pakistan and pasted to reflect that package is indeed from other country.

  • Same here my family send me some nuts and snacks for my parents and clothes as gift pack and charity clothes from Uk , I had to pay custom duty 17000 for them to receive when we inquired from Uk they said there is no custom duty on them but company (fedex)here said they won’t deliver until we pay the custom duty for them, I payed them but when I received it has been tempered and things were missing aswell. It is very annoying and stressful process as I had to pay custom on non electrical food and used clothes and received only half of the stuff

  • Assalam O Alaikum
    Yesterday i saw an online seesion wher a family opening parcels showing to their group members and selling.. i feel ashamed they are the Pakistanies…selling/buying someone else’s stuff in low price very proudly and openly.. you guys can feel what i want to say…
    We are very happy to buy someone’s propert in very low price.. On other ✋ we ? and raise voice for justice when it same happens with ourselves. We are pay to grab other’s rights but don’t want to pay others..??
    We (All) should stop to buy from black sellers and left that groups ”dhl, amazon parcels” umdelivered.

  • ان چوروں کی حکومت آنے سے پہلے کبھی ایسا نہیں ہوا ابھی میرا پارسل بھی ایسے ہی کہیں غائب ہوا

  • It’s been more than 60 days, My parcel is still missing. Pakistan Post says they are unable to track it.

  • pakistan government must think on this. most of my orders i didn’t receive. i don’t understand whom to contact. please do something. can any body tell me how to take action against them please? 03033210100 whtsapp

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