Irked by internet rumors, Pakistan Poultry Association clarifies if chickens carry COVID-19

The Pakistan Poultry Association has finally addressed the rumors making rounds on social media stating that ‘chickens carry coronavirus’. The organization has condemned these reports, saying that these claims are fake and baseless.

In a press briefing, Pakistan Poultry Association (Northern Region) Vice Chairman C. Fargham said that the virus is yet to be reported in any poultry product. A fake report was circulating on social media with warnings to avoid using chicken meat for a few days, claiming that it contributes to the transmission of the novel virus.

Also, no such research suggests that is linked to virus transmission.

The Ministry of National Food Security and Research (Livestock Wing), Poultry Research Institute Punjab, and the government of Pakistan have also called these rumors ‘baseless’, dismissing them through official notifications.

‘’Chicken lovers may continue to eat chicken meat without any fear’’, C. Fargham said.

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