For the first time, Pakistan Railways launches hiring process through balloting

Due to the issued notification, amendments were made in rule 14, 15 and 16 of the Civil Servants Rules 1973.



Despite the backlash received by Pakistan Railways on Monday, it has launched the first hiring process in its department through balloting.

This is the first time that a balloting process will take place in Pakistan Railways (PR), for seats of grades BPS 1 to 5, a notification issued by the Establishment Division on June 17 is being followed, the notification was issued under Civil Servants 1973 Rules (Promotion, Appointment, and Transfer), (amended) due to PM Imran Khan’s orders.

However, officials from Pakistan Railways or PR didn’t reveal much about the process to the media.

‘’According to general instructions issued by our ministry, we were not supposed to call the media to cover this new recruitment process.  The balloting process – which was sort of a manual one having boxes inscribed with various posts – was transparent, as many candidates witnessed it. We also made a video of the two-hour-long balloting held here in Lahore on Monday’’ – Aamir Nisar Chaudhary, PR Divisional Superintendent, told a local news source.

He also said that the next time voting will be conducted, journalists will also be asked to part take.

‘’Though we have no instructions from the top authorities to call media and cover such events, journalists can observe the next balloting scheduled on Sept 4 and afterward’’ – Mr. Aamir further said.

Balloting is against basic human rights:

When talking to constitutional experts about this recruitment process through balloting, the officials were of the view that it was against the human rights mentioned in the Constitution since an interview is necessary for the selection of a person for a job. This newly adapted balloting process will make the hiring process suspicious.

Balloting of a number of shortlisted candidates who applied for posts like cleaner, helper, and sweeper took place. Slips of paper with names of the candidates, who cleared fitness and skill tests, were dropped in the box in the candidate’s presence, Pakistan Railway’s general manager and divisional superintendent.

After the voting ended, one by one the slips were taken out.

‘’This way we completed the balloting process and displayed the lists of successful candidates’’ – Mr. Chaudhary stated.

Due to the issued notification, amendments were made in rule 14, 15 and 16 of the Civil Servants Rules 1973.

‘’Simply, you can say balloting has replaced the final interview process’’ – Aamir Nisar Chaudhary said.

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