Record Breaking: Pakistan Railways achieves highest-ever revenue of Rs. 54.60 billion

The revenue is 10.30% higher than FY 2017-18.


  • Pakistan Railways achieves its highest-ever revenue in FY 2018-19. 
  • The revenue is 10.30% higher than in the past financial year. 
  • The government claims that Pakistan Railways achieved the milestone through special initiatives, reduced annual deficit by Rs. 4 billion.

Breaking all past records, Pakistan Railways touches its highest-ever revenue of Rs. 54.60 billion for the financial year 2018-19. The state department sees a 10.30% increase in the revenue generated in the past financial year. For FY 2017-18, the figures stood at 49.5 billion.

The incumbent government and government officials say that the milestone was achieved by ‘special initiatives’ taken by the ministry to improve governance and reduce the deficit. Railways managed to generate additional revenue of Rs. 10 billion for the financial year 2018-19. It helped in contracting its annual deficit by Rs. 4 billion as it decreased from Rs. 36 billion to Rs. 32 billion. The remaining Rs. 6 billion covered the rise in fuel costs, pensions and salaries.

Pakistan Railways added 24 new passenger trains to its fleet:

Among the number of initiatives that Railways took to improve its performance overall, it also added 24 new passenger trains to its fleet. All the newly added trains are refurbished at Pakistan Railways’ installations locally at Lahore and Islamabad. As the new trains are added, they attracted 8 million new passengers, adding Rs. 5 billion to the revenue.

Moreover, the number of passengers traveling by rail has also increased by 70 million. By introducing special container goods trains, Railways also increased freight volume from 4% to 7%.

LIVE tracking system and free Wi-Fi:

To elevate the quality of services further, Pakistan Railways has now also introduced a LIVE tracking system along with the facility of free Wi-Fi at major stations. To improve quality of services, safety, and efficiency, a state-of-the-art Command & Control Centre at Lahore Headquarters hs also been established at Lahore.

Over 1 million customers are using the Free Live Tracking facility through their smartphones. 383 acres of encroached land worth Rs. 30 billion has also been retrieved. With that, the free ticket facility has also been extended to 4 trips per year for passengers aged 75 years or more.

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