Pakistan Ranked Second Worst On Gender Gap Index

According to a report released by WEF (World Economic Forum), Pakistan is the second worst country in terms of gender parity, standing on 148th out of 149 countries in the ‘Global Gender Gap Index 2018’.

As per the report, the four worst countries on the index are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, & Pak­istan – ironically all four of them being Muslim countries. One of the key indicators judging the countries were women holding managerial positions.

Though Pakistan made improvements on a few fronts, it still failed to keep pace with rest of the world. Ranked lowest in South Asia, Pakistan managed to close 55 per cent of its overall gender gap, as compared to Asian competitors Bangladesh and Srilanka – that successfully closed 72pc and nearly 68pc of their overall gender gap respectively.

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The report analyzed the performance of 149 countries and tracked disparities in four key areas: political empowerment, economic opportunity, health and education. Pakistan stood at 146th for economic participation and opportunity, while was ranked at 145th for health and survival. For political empowerment, Pakistan was positioned at 97th rank. The report also pointed out that Pakistan’s population is growing at the rate of 1.93 pc per annum.

”Report indicates it will take centuries to achieve gender parity in workplaces around the globe” – (source: DAWN News)

Pakistan made significant progress in wage equality and education attainment sub-index, but still, no improvement was seen overall as rest of the world took more critical and considerate steps. Factors such as stagnation of the number of women in the workplace, declining representation of women in the political sphere, minor improvements in wage equality and number of women in managerial positions affected Pakistan’s standing.

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