Pakistan ranks third on The Economist’s normalcy index measuring return to pre-pandemic life

In four out of eight categories, Pakistan ranked above pre-pandemic levels.

Haq's Musings: Economist Normalcy Index: Pakistan Among Best Performing Countries For Handling COVID19Pakistan has ranked third on The Economist’s Global Normalcy Index, which measures countries’ return to pre-pandemic life.

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, expressed his gratitude on Twitter regarding the development.

The global normalcy index | The Economist

The Economist’s normalcy index tracks the progress of fifty countries’ return to pre-pandemic life based on eight indicators.

These factors include time not at home, retail, office use, public transport, road traffic, flights, cinema, and sports attendance.

Each country is scored out of 100 — the benchmark number for the pre-pandemic level of activity — on the index, where Pakistan’s current score is 84.4.

As of now, the top-ranked country on the list is Hong Kong, with a score of 96.3, followed by New Zealand that has a score of 87.8. 

In the category of “time not spent at home,” “retail,” “office use,” and “public transport,” Pakistan ranked over 100.

Nonetheless, in the category of “flights” and “cinema, the South Asian country scored low.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has not been scored for the categories of “road traffic” and “sports attendance.”

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, took to Twitter to express gratitude to God and appreciate the relevant authorities regarding Pakistan’s rank on the normalcy index.

“Congratulations to NCOC members, Ehsaas team & State Bank of Pakistan for effective response to the Covid-19 pandemic; and above all thanks to the mercy of Almighty Allah,” PM Khan said in a post on Twitter.

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