Major Breakthrough: Pakistan receives export orders of face masks from the US, Canada and Europe

“The current milestone is to take exports to the highest-ever level,” Dawood informed the Associated Press of Pakistan.

Prime Minister’s Commerce Advisor Abdul Razak Dawood came bearing good news on Twitter.

“I have received information that some exporters have obtained large orders for face masks from the United States, Canada, and Europe. This is a major breakthrough and I congratulate them for this achievement,” he tweeted.

He went on to encourage other exporters to join in and tap into new segments so that Pakistan’s export sector can also adapt to the changing global needs.

“It is part of our strategy to diversify into new segments and this has been achieved by the exporters through their own efforts. I’m sharing this information with others to encourage them to seek more orders from different parts of the world,” he stated.

On the other hand, he talked about agricultural exports, stating that the government is striving hard to make their way into the Middle East, Africa, and North America through rice markets.

Although, the rice export to Mexico has been stagnant, after the recent delegation’s visit Abdul Razak Dawood is hopeful about entering the Mexican rice market.

“All members of the Rice Exports Association Pakistan (REAP) should prepare themselves for this opportunity so that they could get their orders approved in the Mexican market.”

Dawood introduced smart goals to the objective by declaring that the total volume of rice, the largest agro-export commodity in the country’s export basket, would be increased from $2 billion to $5 billion in the next 5 years.

“The current milestone is to take exports to the highest-ever level,” he informed the Associated Press of Pakistan. The adviser the traditional markets are being reclaimed and new markets are being accessed.

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  • Same old commodities and same old mindset. Subsidize, encourage, and aid new fields of export products. Pakistan needs an additional 20 billion USD exports in products other than textiles, cement, sports goods, leather, and rice.

    There is an urgent need to double our IT exports and to lift furniture, canned food, meat, and medicine industry to start with.

  • They should give away masks to the whole Pakistan at very cheap prices first.

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