Is Pakistan A Safe Country? See What This Dutch YouTuber Has To Say About It

Pakistan, a country that was regarded unsafe and ‘dangerous’ because of terrorist activities no longer holds that stigma with the progressing internet. The Internet has provided people an opportunity to have a sneak peek of other people’s lives sitting right in the comfort of our homes. The increased interaction and connectivity has raised curiosity to investigate the truth behind the facts that mainstream media preaches.

This is precisely why we have seen many social media influencers visiting Pakistan recently and all of them has defied the image built by media. People have been able to see that people in this part of the world are equally welcoming, peace-loving and hospitable.
One of these people is Nora, a popular Dutch YouTuber and vlogger who travels on her motorbike, visited Pakistan last year and documented her entire experience in the form of vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Along with videotaping it, she also shared pictures of her experience enjoying places like Faisal mosque and Pamir Highway. Here are some of her Facebook posts:


After one year, Nora made another youtube video reminiscing her experience and telling the world how the visit to Pakistan had a lasting impact on her. She said that she felt the need to make this video because of the impact the journey had on her. She said that Pakistan has an ‘underdog’ position globally and she hopes her video can help people see the good side and positives of the country. She said that in reality, its everything opposite to what the television screens show. It is safe for the outsiders and treats the visitors warmly.  Watch the video here:

Her videos helped people see a broader image and people thanked for her considerate effort towards making the world a positive and healthy community. Her video was flooded with comments by Pakistani’s who offered her to visit again and showed her appreciation for her kind effort. Here are some of those comments:

Source: YouTube/Nora
Source: YouTube/Nora

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