With 22.8 million, Pakistan has second most out-of-school children in the world

Inability to provide facilities at all education is among the leading causes.


As per estimations of UNICEF, about 22.8 million children, between age groups of 5 and 16 are not enrolled in school. This makes up about 44% of the total population of the mentioned age group, this is the second largest number globally when it comes to out-of-school children.

A memorandum was signed by Mishal Pakistan and TCF (The Citizens Foundation) was recently signed to spread awareness amongst the people regarding this issue, through electronic, online and print media.

What are the prime reasons?

Inability to provide facilities at all education levels can be a major hindrance in access to education. Other than that, financial factors, issues regarding supply-provision, like providing clean and satisfactory school privileges and hesitation to send juvenile girls to school can really hamper education access.

‘’The economic development of a nation is closely related to the development of its human resources. Our partnership with Mishal Pakistan aims to spotlight Pakistan’s education crisis that is affecting the ability of our children to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge needed for effective participation and contribution to our national development. We are thankful to Mishal Pakistan for stepping up to help us in this cause’’ – General Manager of TCF, Isfandyar Inayat said.

CEO of Mishal Pakistan, Amir Jahangir said that access to education is the right of every child, this has also been said so in Pakistan’s Constitution Article 25-A. As per the constitution, free education to children from age 5 to 16 should be provided by the state.

But, the state has been unable to do so. The providence rate is below standard. However, through this initiative, both the organizations aim to shed light on the Right to Education by spreading awareness on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 4 and SDG5).

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