Pakistan setting up 18 markets along border with Afghanistan and Iran to increase trade, curb smuggling

Under the proposal, the government has been forming 18 markets; 12 along the border with Afghanistan and six with the Iran frontier.

The government of Pakistan has decided to set up eighteen markets along its borders with neighboring countries, Afghanistan and Iran. The initiative has been taken to boost trade opportunities, foster peace, and curb smuggling.

The Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Commerce, Aisha Humera Moriani said, “The border markets will help create job opportunities and establish a peaceful relationship with the neighboring countries.”

Under the proposal, the government has been forming 18 markets; 12 along the border with Afghanistan, and six with the Iran frontier.

In a meeting on Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved setting up two border markets in Baluchistan and one in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as a model plan. The project will be operational by February next year.

Moriani said the markets would contribute to local development and help the government address “smuggling and boost legal trade across the border.”

The Chairman of the Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zubair Motiwala, said the government should establish cold storages and warehouses in the border markets to promote perishable export and other items to the neighboring countries.

“The tax system on the exports and imports of various items via the land routes should be well defined. It would encourage businessmen and locals to increase the legal trade with Afghanistan and Iran,” he said.

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  • Very good idea of Pti government. Imran Khan is the best leader in the world. Pakistanis are so lucky to have him. Previous Thief’s use to loot the people and country like fake accounts and panama only corrupt and uneducated people support Nawaz and Zardari thief’s.

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