Pakistan settles old trade dispute with Russia, paving way for an $8 billion investment

The previous PML-N government first made an effort to sign this deal with Russia, and the current PTI led the government to decide to execute it.


An agreement has been reached between Pakistan and Russia to sign a deal, that will settle a 39-year old exporters’ claims case that has been on hold since the collapse of the Soviet Union, which paved the way for an $8 billion investment by Russia in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government has sent its ambassador to Russia for signing the deal.
Under the agreement, the Pakistani government will have to return $93.5 million to Russia in the span of 90 days after signing and clear the pending claims of exporters to the tune of $23.8 million, which is all according to the settlement reached between the two countries on 6th October 2016 and 27th December 2017.

The previous PML-N government first made an effort to sign this deal with Russia, and the current PTI-led government to decide to execute it.

It has been conveyed by Moscow to Islamabad that an investment of $8 billion will be made by them in the country’s energy sector and Pakistan Steel Mills. However, it cannot invest in countries with which it has disputes under Russian law.
With this deal, Russia will be given the liberty to invest in different sectors of Pakistan.

As per the commerce division, back in 1980, the then USSR and its companies purchased textiles and other materials from Pakistan’s companies.

For suave working of the barter trade, the former USSR opened two bank accounts in NBP (National Bank of Punjab). The funds were deposited by EAD (Economic Affairs Division) through the SBP (State Bank of Pakistan).

What is the background of the dispute?

When the Soviet Union fell apart, many exporters did not get their payment. Furthermore, Pakistani companies also made claims for the unshipped goods as they had paid the sea freight charges.

After a time, the dispute lengthened, some Pakistani companies got stay order from SHC (Sindh High Court), restraining NBP from transferring funds of the Russian banks, that have been in its accounts since 1996, which amounted to a total of $104.93 million.

Attempts to solve this dispute were made in the past but were unsuccessful. This inability to solve the disputes in time impacted the relationship between the two countries. An early settlement between the two will pave the path for enhanced bilateral political, diplomatic and economic relations.

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  • That’s great development, IK gov’t should establish close relationship with Russia & our people should learn their language to do more business with them, Russians are great nation, Russian market needs massive leather products so its a suitable time to go ahead to improve our ties with great Russia..

    • It’s great idea by the IK government we should work together to make the country better and improve the economy. In the changing dynamics of the world old Foes are now Freinds.

  • Pakistan need to protect its national interest, and not compromised on any agreement which is against pakistan intetest, the foreign policy maker need to study the history and formulate Foreign policy

  • another mile stone achieved by the contemporary government which will have far more impact on our social, economic and strategic sphere.

  • Big slap on modi’s diplomacy ??bhakto kaisa laga,that is difference between educated and illiterate

  • Pakistan is lucky to have pm like ik,india kai bura time shuru ho gya hai jab sa ranga billa aya hai

  • Foreign investment is steadily increasing with international confidence growing after much needed strong measures have been taken by IK’s PTI government. Although there is an inevitable period of economic hardship in Pakistan (as a consequence of wilful mismanagement by PMLN & PPP in the past) through stringent IMF etc repayment terms, economic upturn, more jobs and low prices are set to establish within a year or so. Great policies, of which the opposition is fearful…..hence the illiterate maulana’s vile actions supported by those 2 famous thieves!!!

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