Pakistan surpasses India in Apparel Exports to the US in February 2021

Historically, both India and Bangladesh always performed better than Pakistan in this segment


Pakistan achieved a significant milestone as it surpassed India in apparel exports to the United States in February 2021.

A renowned source on the textile sector named ‘Sourcing Journal’ reported that besides the US, Pakistan also posted a notable performance in the apparel export category to several global destinations during February 2021.

Following, the Adviser to the PM on Commerce, Abdul Razak Dawood, told the media source that Pakistan was “the only main exporter with improved apparel supply to the United States during COVID-19”.

Historically, both India and Bangladesh always performed better than Pakistan in this segment. However, Pakistan did far better than its neighbors this year despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

Sources have revealed that the total apparel imports by the US had fallen by 8.7% year-on-year to $5.39 billion in February of 2021, but the volume had grown by 3.2%. Pakistan topped the list of countries responsible for this hike in America’s garments imports. Other countries on the list were China, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

However, the apparel exports from India, Vietnam, and Indonesia to the US have declined in value and volume.

Regardless of this improved performance in the export of textiles, Pakistan’s domestic industry still faces major challenges, including a decline in cotton production, which is the main raw material for the textile industry.

The government recently approved the duty-free import of cotton fiber to make up for the shortage in supply. However, experts still believe that having a sustainable supply of cotton will remain a challenge for Pakistan.

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