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Pakistan To Establish A New University In Nankana Sahib Named After Baba Guru Nanak

Prime Minister Imran Khan has kickstarted new plantation drive as Pakistan prepares to welcome Spring, biding final farewell to the short-lived yet extreme winters. Combating the climate change, curbing the threats posed by timber mafia and reclaiming spaces for forests and trees has been on the government’s priority list since day 1.

Being vocal about it, PM Khan has envisioned a project similar to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s (KP) Billion Tree Tsunami project running across the country and has set the foundation stone for the upcoming season.

A few hours before inaugurating the tree plantation drive in Nankana Sahib Lahore yesterday, Prime Minister took to Twitter announcing it and saying that the land reclaimed by the mafia will be used for plantation and wildlife parks in a bid to fight the extreme threats posed by the rapid climate change.

“We are launching our #Plant4Pakistan programme & reclaiming mafia encroached land, converting it into forests and wildlife parks for our future generations to fight climate change and pollution” – he wrote.

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He also said that it is the first time in the history a massive plantation drive is being carried out at 2500 acres land that was recovered from land mafia.

It was also announced that the government will establish a university in Nankana Sahib honouring the Sikh key figure. It was revealed that the Baloki Forest Reserve and a new University in Nankana Sahib will be established and named after Baba Guru Nanak. Party’s official twitter handle said that Pakistan belongs to everyone and this will assure the minorities feel as much entitled to the country as much we do. The

This came soon after KP decided to hand over the temple back to the local Hindu community in Peshawar after 25 years.

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