Pakistan to establish mineral city to increase precious gems’ export

It is pertinent to note that around 99 precious gem reserves are found in Pakistan.


The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, said that the authorities aim to set up a ‘gem, mineral, and jewelry city’ to boost exports and generate revenue.

This was decided in a meeting with the gems, jewelry, and minerals task force on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by the Federal Minister of Industries & Production, Khusro Bakhtiar, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication, Dr. Shabaz Gill, the Chairperson of the Gems & Jewelry Task Force, Engineer Gul Asghar Khan, and other members and relevant authorities.


During the meeting, the task force gave the prime minister a detailed briefing regarding the mineral city and the area identified for setting up the chemical and mineral industry.

The task force also disclosed that country’s imports would be reduced and exports enhanced with the industrial-value addition from raw minerals.

Speaking on occasion, PM Khan expressed his support for the minerals and gems industry and said the government would provide the latest technology to the sector.

Pakistan to set up Gems and Jewelry City | News Today

“For the first time in 74 years of the country’s history, this sector is being turned into an export industry,” PM Imran Khan remarked.

During the meeting, it was revealed that Pakistan could export precious gems worth $5 billion annually.

This would have a positive effect on the country’s economy and generate substantial employment opportunities.

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Around 99 precious gem reserves were found in Pakistan, making it the eighth biggest country globally in terms of its production.

Moreover, a large quantity of gold was used in Pakistan. Through effective legislation and better arrangements, this sector could be turned into one of the biggest industries.

The prime minister directed that all those resources, which were being wasted, be utilized by regularly implementing a mechanism and removing bottlenecks for investors.

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  • Great Work Kaptaan. Each and every sector needs to be looked at and developed. Even small export sectors need to be developed.

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