Pakistan To Set Up Its Own Space Center Soon


Extending the scope of knowledge and facilities in this particular sphere, Pakistan is finally establishing its own space centre. Called as Pakistan Space Centre (PSC), the facility will have the capacity to test, integrate, launch manufacture, and carry out various satellite related operations.
As per Associated Press of Pakistan, PSC will also have a capacity of performing system level assembly of satellites.

To extend the studies in the sphere, Pakistan is working on sketching feasibility and execution for two major projects. The two projects are:

Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite 02 (PRSS-02)

Pakistan Navigation Satellite System (PakNav)

The PRSS-02 will have “sub-meter” resolution image capture capability. PakNav will be providing Pakistan with an independent navigation system for both strategic and civil purposes.

Pakistan recently also launched PRSS-01 that was initially planned to launch in March but was delayed due to some reasons.
If executed properly and the right steps taken in the progressive direction, it will be a breakthrough and revolutionary point in space development programs in Pakistan.

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Earlier this year back in April, Pakistan also signed a contract with CGWIC (China Great Wall Industry Corporation) for a “gap filler satellite” orbiting in the intended orbital location of the PakSat-MM1. As per the MoU, Pakistan and CGWIC will be sharing the cost of production, operations of satellites and launch equally.

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