Pakistan to take up the issue of Twitter banning Pro Kashmir accounts with Twitter USA

After India revoked Article 370 and 35A, stripped Kashmiris of their rights and autonomy, there has been a huge outcry on all the forums nationally, globally and in cyberspace as well. But the so called Indian democracy and her fascist government is hellbent on not only silencing the Kashmiris by cutting all forms of their communications, but the world outside its tyrannical reach too.

Twitter is an example how India the so called largest democracy and preacher of Free Speech (only when it serves her) is trying to shut the people’s mouth from unveiling its fascist activities in the occupied Kashmir.

Indian Ministry of Home Affairs wrote to the social media site Twitter to suspend many Kashmiri and Pakistani profiles for spreading ‘false rumors’. The accounts have been vocal in advocating Kashmir rights and condemning Indian forces’ atrocities in Kashmir.



Now in a splendid move, Pakistan has decided not to stay quiet on this matter.

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Digital Media Dr. Arslan Khalid has tweeted that Pakistan is not going to be mum about ‘The biased behavior of Twitter over Kashmir’ dubbing its conduct to be ‘ridiculous’. He added that the response from local regional representative of Twitter hasn’t been encouraging, so Pakistan is taking the matter up with Twitter authorities in US to officially notify and protest this utter violation of the right to Free Speech by Kashmiris as well as Pakistanis.


It is very shameful how a Social Media platform designed specially for free and global communication and giving voice to the voiceless is itself curbing the rights of Kashmiris to speak and be heard. Twitter must answer how and on what bases the voices of Kashmiri fighting for their internationally recognized right to self determination can be choked.

What do think about this move by twitter and government’s response? Tell us in the comments.

  • Indians are ruining twitter’s reputation

    They must do something before it’s too late

  • twitter, google, facebook etc are all pro bhartis,  and every where there hindus involved and they are the ones who are doing such dirty tricks.

  • It’s about time

    Otherwise Indian twitter head quarter was handling all of Pakistan twitter issues.

    They are bound to be biased when it comes to national issues

    I’m glad government is doing something about it.

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