Pakistan and Turkey planning to offer dual nationality to the citizens of both countries

The Interior Minister of Pakistan also welcomed the idea of combined training of forces of both countries.


Pakistan and Turkey are considering to sign an agreement regarding providing citizens of both countries with dual nationality. The announcement was made following a meeting between Interior Minister retired Brigadier Ijaz Shah and Turkish Ambassador to Islamabad Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul. 

According to the details revealed by a statement by the interior ministry, the Turkish ambassador proposed the idea on behalf of his government.

“In response to this, the minister said that the draft is under consideration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is on board with us, we hope to reach a mutual conclusion soon,” the statement read. 

The Interior Minister of Pakistan also welcomed the idea of combined training of forces of both countries and up-gradation of equipment of law enforcement agencies.

“The Minister for Interior welcomed the initiative of introducing a patrolling force in collaboration with ICT Police on the model of Dolphin force introduced in Lahore,” the statement further added.

The minister and ambassador also agreed on holding training programs for capacity building of the workforce.

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  • Good to hear. I am sure saudi won’t let us do that. And they will warn us again and let us know our Aukaaat.

    • That’s why it was important last 30 years not to vote or accept corrupt mafia pmln and ppp, they made us weak and poor

  • If it possible ,it is good idea for both of nations.they will become strong.they have same issues to face it is the time to joine will fall good impact on both citizens.

    • Looks like the news published like this on purpose . It’s so deceptive. They got every one thinking that Turkey is about to send a Turkish passport by mail to each and every Pakistani while sitting home in Pakistan. Lol

  • Doesthis meanany onefrompakistan cango to Turkey and obtain a Turkish citizenship within a few days?

    • I think we are misunderstood this idea of offering to have an agreement of dual nationality legislation in between both countries, as Pakistan has signed dual nationality agreement with approximately19 countries if I’m not wrong , but turkey w as not in the list, but from now if the such agreement may sign between the both countries, the Pakistan and the Turkish people living in these countries for long time with foreigner’s status holding PR or TR with buying property , bringing investment for business purposes and they are eligible for Turkish or Pakistan’s passport will make them eligible to keep both nationalities at a time from now onward.

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