Pakistan to experience wheat surplus this year, all previous records expected to be broken

Pakistan has had to import more than two million tons of wheat over the past two years to make up for the supply shortage due to low harvest outputs.

Pakistan turns wheat importer to solve domestic challenges - Grain CentralPakistan will most likely experience an upsurge in wheat production this year.

Many experts familiar with the industry are projecting that Pakistan will surpass the previous records by a substantial margin.

This was revealed on Tuesday by a survey conducted by The News International.

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According to the survey, Pakistan may harvest over 28.75 million tons of wheat this year.

If realized, this amount is likely to exceed the previously recorded highest harvest of 26.67 million tons in 2016-17.

Pakistan has had to import more than two million tons of wheat over the past two years to make up for the supply shortage due to low harvest outputs.

If the estimated output is realized, it may also fulfill the local demand and eliminate the need for wheat imports, at least not in substantial quantities.

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On the other hand, the federal government’s estimations of the wheat output are slightly less than the 2016-17 levels.

While reviewing the rabi crops’ performance (2020/21) last week, the Federal Committee on Agriculture estimated that the wheat production would remain at 26.04 million tons while showing an increase of 1.7% over the last year.

The report disclosed that the total production could increase with even a slight increase in acre yield.

A forecast of this was provided by an official of the Punjab Agriculture Department.

The official told the media thatlocal production had jumped around 600,000 tons with an increase of one maund per acre if the present area under cultivation is considered.

Yield and Production Estimation of Wheat for Punjab, Pakistan | Harvest

Against the official forecasts of approximately 33 maunds per acre, farmers are more optimistic about harvesting a greater wheat output in the 2020/21 season.

The International News report quoted the Agri-Forum Pakistan Chairman, Ibrahim Mughal as saying, “We’ve never heard so consistently about 40-45 maunds per acre yield by this many growers this year”.

A favorable temperature when the crop was sown has yielded favorable prospects for high output.

“Safely, we might see at least 1.5 million tons of more production than the initial estimates,” Mughal said.

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  • Bull.shit…. we will see how this will lower the wheat and flour prices…. the govt is incompetent and it is pretty sure that in the end , they will again be importing wheat and selling it on a high price…

    • Every year we have added 2.5 mouths to feed. In 10 years, we will be importing 7 times more wheat than we imported last year.

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