Pakistan Will Be Providing Training To Soldiers Of Islamic Military Alliance

Pakistan has agreed to provide training to troops of Islamic countries.  National army will be equipping soldiers of the military alliance of Islamic countries with technical assistance, required resources and modern training to fight the war against terrorism more effectively.
The Prime Minister will further approve it after sitting on a table with the military leadership and the measures will be followed by strictly keeping Pakistan’s national security policy in consideration.
Saudi Arabia has held detailed discussions on this, requesting Pakistan to help the Islamic military alliance by doing their part in ‘upgradation of the alliance at par with today’s requirements’.

As Express Tribune reports, sources in the federal government have claimed that contacts between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have been active after Pakistan played their diplomatic role in reducing Saudi-Iran tensions. Due to that and still ongoing efforts by Pakistan’s side to bring the heat down, its role is certainly being viewed as significant.

During the recent visit of Pakistani leadership to Saudi Arabia, both allies have agreed on devising a comprehensive policy to curb terrorism in the region. Saudi kingdom assured that it will stand by Pakistan through tough times while Pakistan promised to do everything it takes to defend the Holy Land of Ka’aba.
Both countries have agreed on making efforts to secure all the Muslim countries as part of the process and discussed challenges being faced by the Muslim community as a whole across the globe.
Saudi Arabia will formulate a detailed strategy after consulting with the Muslim allies to improve coordination on land, sea and air.

Pakistan agreed to not take part in any action against any Muslim country. The leadership further expressed their dedication and commitment towards bringing the entire Muslim community to one table. A meeting of the member countries will soon be called.

(Via Express Tribune)

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