Last 2 days, 4 bone-chilling incidents – Is Pakistan becoming a living hell for women?

Four victims, including three women and one minor, were allegedly raped during the last two days in different cities of Pakistan.

Four Incidents of sexual assault were reported in Pakistan during the last two days. Four victims, including three women and one minor, were allegedly raped.

The Police began raids to arrest the suspects after filing the cases.


According to details, a woman who is a resident of the Mohalla Mustafaabad area of Sargodha Road, was alone in her house when her neighbor barged in. He took her to another room and threatened to kill her at gunpoint, after which he raped her.

In a separate incident, in Faisalabad, a man sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl at gunpoint, while she was alone at home. When the victim’s family noticed her deteriorating condition, they took her to a hospital for an ultrasound on Wednesday and found out that she was three months pregnant. After confirmation of the pregnancy, the family registered an FIR against the culprit.


In yet another incident, two ‘robbers’ allegedly raped a woman at gunpoint on the Lahore- Sialkot motorway. The woman was waiting for help on the highway after her car developed a fault.

She was traveling from Lahore to Gujranwala, along with her three children.

As the victim crossed the interchange on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, a police official stated that her car stalled due to a shortage of petrol.

The officer said that two armed men spotted the woman alone, took her and her children to a nearby area, and gang-raped her. The perpetrators also took away cash, jewelry, and other valuables from her.

The woman is a resident of the Defense Housing Authority,Gujranwala. The police officer said a case had been registered against the two unidentified robbers.


A 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in the area of Sabzi Mandi police station in Gujranwala. According to details, a suspect was identified as a 22-year-old neighbor, Gul Sher. The defendant was arrested after the girl’s father caught him red-handed while saving his daughter.

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  • Nobody is safe in this country. This is so hurtful. The trauma she will be going through and her kids… OMG, how she will face this society of big mouths!
    May Allah be with her!

    • Why you think how she face the society,despite this how this society will face her? she is innocent and we all support her to fight for her rights.

  • Unidentified . . . Is not the word i want to hair on thos situation . . . . While every car is registered on entry and captured through cctv cameras installed on every entrance . . . . Disappointed by the performance of motorway police

  • There are no words that can show how hurt am I or probably every one who read this incident. But this incident is an isolated one, this doesn’t portray our society where we have majority respecting the women. So please condemn this horrific incident as much as possible, pressurise the responsibles to arrest the real culprits immidiately, and punish them publicly so people learn that LAW lives and can get you in grip, but do not say this country is not safe. This country is safe, this is a country where even a foreign girl alone comes and tral from one end to another without any fear.

  • Ye sab kuch Islam se dur ka result ha.jab tak aasa karne wale ko Islamic law k mutabic saza nai mile gi.aasa hota rahe ga.ham Europe ko follow karte hain. Wahan female ko as a showpiece use karte hain aur female aase use hone main apni freedom samjti hain. To pir Rona kasa?

  • as long as there is no death penalty or islamic punishments forget that things will get better it will become worst and also welcome to new rape capital of pakistan. its Imran Jewish boy Riyasat Madina our sisters are rapped and that barking dog is silent. who bark 24/7 on twitter but on core issues he is silent because he is all about his bloody image infront of him rape is ok because its ok in his gods countries

  • Nobody save here even animals aise darindon ko sar e aam chowk mein latka ke ibrat ka nishan bnaya jaye ta k ainda koi aisa karne se pehly so bar soche lanat aise darindon par jo apni hawas mitane ke liye hawa ki betiyun ki izzat tar tar kar dety hain yeh nahi sochty ke unke ghar mein bhi maa behn beti ho sakti hai kal ko unke sath b kuch ho sakta ha .Allah hidayat de sab ko .Aameen

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