Pakistan – World’s 5th Largest Sugarcane Producer

An interesting achievement, Pakistan is the world’s 5th largest sugarcane producer. We have an annual production of 63,800 thousand metric tons (TMTs), ranked below Brazil, India, China and Thailand.

Brazil stands on number one with an annual production of 739,300 TMTs. With 341,200 TMTs annual production, India is at the second position. The Peoples Republic of China on the third standing with 125,500 TMTs production yearly and Thailand is fourth in the order with 100,100 TMTs annual production.

The USA (United States of America), with 27,900 TMTs annual production, is at the 10th spot. Philippians stood on the 9th with 31,900 TMTs, Indonesia ranked 8th with 33,700 TMTs yearly production, Colombia is on the 7th with 34,900 TMTs and Mexico is ranked sixth with 61,200 TMTs.

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Sugarcane is a significant cash crop for Pakistan. With being a dependable source of income, the sector is also providing employment opportunities for the masses. India, with similar climatic conditions, is obtaining about 53 per cent higher cane yield than Pakistan.

Irfan Khokhar, a sugarcane grower told APP (Associated Press of Pakistan) that Pakistan’s ranking in top 10 and ahead of some of the most developed countries shows that amid dire circumstances and dissatisfaction among the producers, the farmers here are industrious. They are managing to get good production.

He added that even when the outcome is satisfactory, it cannot be disregarded that farmers are facing problems and have unaddressed grievances. Khokar added that their problems should be effectively resolved so the performance can be further improved.

Farmers would be more than happy provided they get the due return of their product without any delay and demanded that some mechanism is introduced and effectively enforced to ensure it.’ – he said.

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