Do you know these Pakistani showbiz personalities have NEVER been involved in any controversy?

They prefer to keep drama restricted to the screen!

Let’s be honest and accept that we all love a bit of drama to spice up our lives, right? But when it comes to actors and the sort of backlash they may receive, it can sometimes be too much to handle.

All it sometimes takes is a single picture or comment, and all hell can break loose. Despite an actor’s love or even public adoration, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

However, few actors have made sure that they never get involved in any controversies. These actors exactly know how to tackle controversies wisely. They stay humble and keep a public image, which has earned them a lot of respect over the years.

Here we have a list of those celebrities who never get involved in controversies.

Ayeza Khan

Despite having active social media profiles, Ayeza Khan has never been in any controversies. Although she has been questioned and criticized many times, Ayeza knows how to tackle such situations wisely.

In various interviews, she has made it clear that she accepts criticism as part of the ‘package’ and believes that people have the right to criticize.

Imran Ashraf

Imran Ashraf is undoubtedly an honest, hardworking and down-to-earth actor who makes sure that he never gets involved in any kind of controversies. Remember when Firdous Jamal made those remarks about his acting?

Imran Ashraf made sure that these remarks did not turn into an unnecessary controversy and responded by saying that he respected his seniors’ opinions, and he was still learning. In all these years, the actor has proved that he knows how to handle such matters gracefully.

Yumna Zaidi

Despite having a very long career in the entertainment industry, Yumna Zaidi has never been a part of even a single controversy. She has always made sure that she only talks about things that matter.
In an interview, Yumna shared that her mother had instilled such a good knowledge in her of good and bad that even in the most complicated situations, she managed to find the right way with the support of her family.

Ahad Raza Mir

Although Ahad Raza Mir does not have a very long career compared to other people in this list, yet there have been many times when he was in a situation that could lead to controversy. When his song Ko Ko Korina faced a backlash, unlike his co-singer Momina Mustehsan, Ahad chose to stay calm and did not get into arguments.

Similarly, when rumors about his relationship with Sajal were making rounds on the internet, he chose not to address them. He is someone who has proved that he wants his work to define him.

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