VIDEO: Pakistani artists discuss their views about current ‘drama trends’

They talk about what needs to be changed!

The Pakistani drama industry has made a lasting impact on the subcontinent. It all started with classical dramas that had a great message to deliver and yet knew how to hook the audience. The effort of intelligent writers and talented actors was even loved in our neighboring country, India. The reason for this unparalleled popularity is that these dramas highlight the realities of life and connect with regular people.

However, things have changed now. Pakistani dramas are not the same. While some actors are quite happy with the current situation, most senior actors do not appreciate the way things are going.

Here is a list of Pakistani actors who have opened up about the drama industry’s current situation, sharing how they do not like the new trends.

Noman Ijaz

Unlike before, Noman Ijaz does not seem reluctant to share his opinion on social media and in different interviews. 

In another interview, Noman also shared that he wants all the drama industry stakeholders to understand that they cannot go too far with the formula they are following at the moment.

Muhammad Ahmed

In an interview, Muhammad Ahmed shared that the sole reason viewers still see him on screen is because he has to earn a living, otherwise, he finds the current situation very unpleasant and is not happy with the way things are going in the industry.

Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish Hayat believes that our drama industry does not have room for diversity, and women are not represented in the manner they should be. She thinks that women are strong individuals and should be portrayed as such.

Asma Abbas

Asma Abbas believes that the current drama industry does not let older people share their part of the story, and that makes her feel uncomfortable and disappointed. 

Badar Khalil

Legendary actress Badar Khalil shared that she was so disheartened because of what the industry has become that she decided to bid farewell to her acting career and moved abroad. Badar emphasized that directors in our industry have double standards, and she can’t stand the way the older actors are treated.

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