Do you know THESE talented Pakistani actors are also brilliant writers and they wrote popular dramas?

You will be surprised!

Actors use their imagination to create a fictional life, which they know would be believed by the audience. And therefore, it is not surprising that many actors branch out into the field of writing. Just like acting, writing is a craft too, which gets stronger over time. Below are four different Pakistani actors who have not only disciplined themselves in the field of acting but within writing as well.

1. Bushra Ansari

Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari has a long history with the Pakistani television industry. Bushra has earned a name for herself for some of the most memorable roles in dramas.

But what you may not know is that she is the name behind the scripts for some of the most popular dramas such as Kuch Dil Ne Kaha, Neeli Dhoop, Amawas, Pakeeza, Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley, and she has also written the script for drama serial Zebaish which is currently on air.

2. Imran Ashraf

The young actor, Imran Ashraf, is known for his versatile performances more than anything else. Imran’s powerful performance as Bhola in the serial Ranjha Ranjha Kardi was appreciated by fans all over the world. But he does more than just acting. One of his best scripts is for the hit drama serial Tabeer.

3. Shaan Shahid

The man who needs absolutely no introduction is one of the most loved and appreciated name in the Pakistani film industry. Shaan has written many of the films in which he has played the leading roles. He has penned down some of the most hit films of recent times. He has written the script for the film Zarrar, Arth – The Final Destination, and many others, which definitely helped in the revival of Pakistani cinema.

4. Yasra Rizvi

Pakistani actress Yasra Rizvi has taken the internet by storm for her powerful poetry that she shares every now and then. Her writings are loved for the fact that they are pure and comes from her heart. The actress also wrote the script for the drama serial Ustani Jee. She also played the role of the main protagonist in the drama.

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