Before and After: 16 Pakistani actresses who underwent lip filler procedures [PICTURES]

Do you see a difference?

A list of Pakistani actresses who went through lip fillers.

In the Pakistani entertainment industry, actresses are continually trying to reinvent themselves. Sometimes they polish their acting skills, and other times they undergo procedures to beautify their outlook.

Various beautification methods like Botox and fillers have now become very common in Pakistan. Some speculate that the number of actresses undergoing similar procedures is increasing because the celebrities feel the pressure to comply with certain set standards of beauty. These procedures help the actresses alter certain facial features they don’t like and dodge criticism.

Lip fillers are becoming very common in Pakistan.

Out of all the beautification methods on the market, lip fillers are the most common procedures actresses go through to obtain a big pout, which is considered more attractive. These fillers last for a few months and can bring about varying results (majorly depending on filler intensity and client preference).

Over the years, many Pakistani actresses have experimented with lip fillers to enhance their lips’ outlook. has put together a list of all female celebrities who went all out with beautification experimentation.

Here are 16 Pakistani actresses who relied on lip fillers to enhance their beauty:

Aisha Khan

Benita David 

Fiza Ali

Ghana Ali 

Hania Aamir 

Kubra Khan

Maira Khan 

Mehwish Hayat

Nadia Hussain 

Neelam Munir

Sabeeka Imam

Sonya Hussyn

Sidra Batool

Sadia Imam

Shaista Lodhi

Sara Loren

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