[VIDEO]: Pakistani Adventure Athlete reveals how she was harassed, groped on the roads of Islamabad!


Recently, a Pakistani Adventure Athlete and Mountain Biker, Samar Khan, shared how she was harassed on the roads of Islamabad.

In a Facebook Live, Khan said, “You have always seen me promoting and encouraging girls to come out on the roads for cycling. However, today I am saying if you want to be on roads, you have to be strong because it is not safe out there.”

Speaking about her harassment incident, the biker said, “I was riding a bike on the roads of Islamabad when a man who was passing by slowed down his motorbike; he groped me from behind and then ran away.”

She added, “I am not blaming anyone for this incident, but I have one question from my male viewers that what do you get by going all this? Why we as a society are normalizing this thing. Many people saw him inappropriately touching me, but no one stopped him.”

Khan further went on to say, “The girls who are listening don’t ignore such incidents and make an example out of such scoundrels.”

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  • It is really bad and sad… Unfortunately, our 60 or 70% people are uneducated or uncivilised, and our men really do not respect women at all. But on other hand Samar Khan said it is only incident happened with her and she is professional cyclist…. This things happens any where in the world.

      • You mean it’s ok your sister and daughter wear revealing cloths ? I’m confident you are patwari or darbarie . Learn Islam idiot .

        • pathetic absolutely pathetic pls kill yourself scumbags like you dont deserve to be alive for a day the day your mother or sister gets raped godforbid wearing a burka or the so called clothing standard that you have unilaterally decided then well ask so whats the excuse now is your mother or sister to blame for it?

          • You miss the last point idiot .. Islam . This is Islamic country , you don’t care since you are rape production ?

  • On on hand we expect our frustrated public to behave decently but on the other hand we show them sexy dramas every night.
    Coupled with their frustration( general)in Pakistan and these dramas they will do such thing.

  • اگر وہ کار میں تھا تو کار نمبر کلر اور میکُ تو دیکھا ہی ہوگا ؟آ پ پولیس رپورٹ تو کرو ان ڈیٹیلز کے ساتھ

  • it is embarrasing to hear her appeal, and the complain that why didn’t any one stoped? Education has noting to do with this incident, it is all LAW, every passing day people are getting sure LAW means nothing , criminals ar untouchable in Pakistan.

  • I really feel terrible for what you went through.People around who saw this happening and did nothing shows Pakistani qoum bayghairat who gaye hai

  • Like 99.999999% false cases this Burger girl also wants attention. Its bcoz of flase cases like her that this real motorway case is neglected.

    • pretty sure when your mother or sister is out on road buying say a medicine for you and gets raped while wearing the burka that would also be a false case no???

        • It’s very clear who wants to have a discussion and who is trying to impose, you clearly have double standards. Bolna hai lekin sunna naheen…. really shameful.
          No one asked for your judgement on why it happened, the pint is simple that what happened was wrong, and if you were a decent person, you would have agreed that it was wrong… simple

  • بات کڑوی ہے لیکن ہے سچ کہ ہمارے روالپنڈی اور اسلام آباد کسی بھی لحاظ سے عورتوں کے لیے محفوظ نہیں

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