100 kilometres race? Pakistani autistic child is breaking stereotypes by doing what seems impossible!

Suleman is six, he is autistic and non-conversational and has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

A Dubai-based Pakistani mother told The Arab News that she wanted her 6-year-old autistic son to run 100 kilometres to raise awareness regarding the importance of sports for special needs children.

Qurratulain Jawad shared her plan with people through a social media post earlier this month, asking community members to join her son, Suleman Jawad, in the running for the cause.

The mother told Arab News, “Suleman is six, he is autistic and non-conversational. He also has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. During the recent lockdown, this activity was impossible for him, and it affected him a lot.”

“As soon as the lockdown was over, Suleman started running again.”

“This time, he ran so much that I thought I should set a goal for him to achieve. He is always happy when we praise him after an achievement. So I set a target for him to run 100 kilometers over the next five weeks,” Qurratulain Jawad added.

Ms. Qurratulain spoke to Suleman’s coach, Hollie Murphy, the founder of ‘Heroes of Hope.’ This non-profitable organization develops sports programs for children with special needs.

“Hollie thought it was a great idea, and it would also motivate other parents. That’s when I asked other community members also to accompany Suleman,” she continued.

The idea had to be dropped later since over 100 people volunteered to run alongside Suleman.

Massive Response

Qurratulain added, “I was not expecting such a huge response, and we could not hold such gatherings during the pandemic due to social distancing requirements.’

The young boy has already covered 50 kilometers since he first set out to meet the target on July the 12th, making his mother believe that he is likely to achieve the goal ahead of the deadline.

His mother also accompanies him with his water bottle.

“Since Suleman can’t talk, I can only sense when he needs to re-hydrate and slow down. Running has channeled his energy and calmed him down. I hope other parents are motivated by this challenge and find out what works best for their child,” she said.

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