Pakistani billionaire provided Ukraine fighter jets to fight Russia

Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor bought fighter jets for Ukraine

Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor’s wife has revealed that her husband provided fighter jets to Ukraine in their battle against Russia. The Pakistani billionaire wife is famous Ukrainian singer Kamaliya Zahoor.

She revealed that her husband as well as their rich friends have been quietly helping the Ukrainians fight the Russians. In an interview, Kamaliya stated that she is sharing this after getting permission from Mohammad Zahoor.

“[Mohammad] gave me the green light to tell this. Because they hid these [actions]. They gave two fighter jets to Ukraine to help them,” she said.

Mohammad Zahoor and his wife

It is pertinent to mention that the Pakistani billionaire owns the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post. He has also been working to safely evacuate Ukrainian citizens to United Kingdom and other European countries. Furthermore, he also met with several heads of the states to ensure safe passage for Ukrainians.

Earlier in March, Mohammad Zahoor openly announced to support Ukraine in the war against Russia.

“I am openly taking the side of Ukraine because after seeing [reports from] Western, Ukrainian and Russian media, I can see and decide who is telling the truth.”

He added that everyone should support Ukraine or “every big country is going to swallow its next-door neighbor.”

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  • I just wanted to ask how many fighters jets did he provided to Pakistan to his mother when whole world is trying to swallow it

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