Pakistani Brands Respond Humorously To Escalating Indo-Pak Tensions

After Pulwama attack, the tensions between Pakistan and India have escalated, reshaping the regional peace dynamics once again. With the change in regime in Pakistan, rights movements picking the pace and general elections approaching in India, the war shenanigans have been again.

However, rather than striving together to achieve peace and stability in the region, the hate narrative built by Indin media lead to an absurd response from the people. From cutting to isolate Pakistan in cricket, chocking water supply to the country, asking to chant Pakistan Murdabad to avail discounts on food stalls – the neighbours have crossed all lines.

However, as a refreshing sight, the hate thrown from there has been taken lightly here and in fact tackled in a humorous way. To all the aggressive and extreme threats, Pakistanis responded in a far less extreme way, tackling it all with laughter and humour.

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A report further revealed the hefty compensations that the Bollywood fraternity demanded for giving pro-Modi and anti-Pakistan statements. The Indian journalism outlet’s sting operation revealed.
Vivek Oberoi, Mika Singh, Shakti Kapoor, Mahima Chaudhry, Kailash Kher, and a number of other known Bollywood faces were recorded on camera discussing ‘compensation’ and strategy for praising Prime Minister Modi and his policies in TV programs. This further revealed how the sentiments of a common man are being manipulated for the sake of political gains for some while monetary gains for others.
On the other hand, Pakistani influencers and brands, rather than further feeding hate, helped numb down the intensity a bit with their humorous take. Let’s see some of those:

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