A new trend? Meet the Pakistani bride who demanded books worth one lac rupees in haq-mehr

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Books worth one lac rupees

A woman from the Mardan district has made a unique demand for a wedding gift(Haq Mehr) from her husband.

Naila Shamal, a writer by profession, has demanded her husband to provide her books worth one lac rupees as a wedding gift.

“Every woman wants gold and jewelry. However, being a writer, if we will not respect books, then how can we expect others to do so,” she said in a video statement.

Naila is currently pursuing her Ph.D., while her husband, Sajjad Zhwandoon, has completed his Ph.D. in Pashto.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr. Sajjad said that when he heard about his fiancé’s demand, he was happy that it would put an end to the practice of asking for more dowry. 

Books worth one lac rupees

He added, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people often ask for PKR 10 to 20 lakhs in dowry, with various other demands. 

According to the couple, someone has to take the initiative to end these traditions, so they did.

Many people on social media have appreciated the couple by saying that it would help change many people’s mindsets.

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