62-year-old Pakistani Canadian man becomes the latest victim of police brutality in Ontario

The footage shows officers climbing up a ladder to the residence's balcony and entering the apartment.

On Saturday night, a 62-year-old man named Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry was fatally shot inside his apartment. The man now leaves behind a wife and four children (the youngest child just seven years old). Ejaz\\’s family reported that he had Schizophrenia and other medical conditions. Regarding the incident, Ejaz\\’s nephew stated:

My uncle\\’s eldest daughter called for a non-emergency ambulance because he was having an episode. When the Police reached, my uncle, locked himself in the apartment. She pleaded the Police not to enter forcefully, stating that it would scare him further. However, the Police did and shot him. He should not have been gunned down by the Police who were meant to protect and serve him. That is how you deal with mentally ill patients? We called these guys to help us, and this is what they do?

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) revealed two statements regarding the matter. These statements explained that the officers first reached the man\\’s apartment in Goreway and Morning Star drives at 5 PM to conduct a wellness check after they received a distress call.

According to Peel Police Constable, Sarah Patten, the call established that the man had a medical condition, was not taking his medication and had access to weapons inside the residence.

The statements further disclosed that as soon as the unit (comprising of one subject officer and nine witness officers) reached the apartment, Ejaz Chaudhry barricaded himself inside the residence. (SIU) said that the police officers communicated with Chaudhry through the door till 8 PM. After that, Ejaz stopped responding for a straight 15 minutes, which prompted the Police to forcefully enter the residence as they believed the man had access to weapons and was a danger to himself.

Upon entering the unit, an interaction occurred between the officers and the 62-year-old man, which concluded with the officers using a taser on Ejaz and later firing plastic projectiles at him. According to SIU, these plastic bullets did not affect the man, so an officer shot a firearm multiple times, and Ejaz died on the scene.

Call for justice

The family of Ejaz Chaudhry took to the streets, calling for a public inquiry to be conducted regarding the fatal act undertaken by the Police.

They told the media that they had dealt with a similar situation before. This experience is why they constantly asked the Police to let a family member communicate with Ejaz, as he did not speak English, his condition made him paranoid, and he was afraid of the Police. However, the Police did not give in to any of their pleas and moved on with the operation.

The victim\\’s nephew, Khizar Shahzad, shared a video of the incident as his argument against SIU\\’s claim that an interaction occurred between the officers and the 62-year-old man. The footage shows officers climbing up a ladder to the residence\\’s balcony and entering the apartment, soon after which gunshots are heard. Another nephew of the victim, Hasan Chaudhry, asked:

They kicked the door open, and they said, \\’Drop it.\\’ As soon as they said drop it, they started shooting. What conversation is that? How does that make sense?

Further investigation into the matter is underway. Witnesses are being interviewed, and evidence is being collected. Ejaz\\’s family is looking for justice for their beloved and punishment of the people involved in the wrongful killing.

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  • Just listened to the son’s press conference

    this is absolutely shocking

    they were supposed to do a wellness check but they killed…what a crazy world we are living in.

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