Pakistani Cardiologist Makes Nation Proud By Bringing British’s Young Investigators Award

Young cardiologist Jaffar Khan adds to the list of talented and qualified people who have blessed Pakistan’s name with pride and recognition on global fronts. Despite lack of facilities and appreciation in Pakistan, these individuals with brimming talents make their way and shine in a way that no one can close their eyes towards them.
Jaffar Khan has won British Cardiovascular Intervention Society’s prestigious 2018 Young Investigators Award.
The doctors have also successfully conducted set of surgeries using Jaffar’s technique.
‘’ The cardiologist used a procedure, which is medically described as ‘laceration of the anterior mitral valve leaflet to prevent outflow tract obstruction,’ nicknamed with the acronym “LAMPOON”.
Jaffar told that he invented the technique at National Health Institutes of America.
‘’ It is a ‘keyhole’ cardiac surgery technique that resects heart tissue for the first time using minimally invasive techniques”, he told.

The research comprised of inventing a new concept, testing it on animals and then later translating it in humans.
Jaffar is now the clinical lead of an FDA approved clinical trial, accompanied by Dr. Robert Ledermen, head of cardiovascular intervention branch at NIH.

Pakistanis have really been making the mark recently and are getting more recognition internationally as well.
Before it, this week a Pakistani student obtained the highest marks in Cambridge Examination, Syllabus D Mathematics as reported by Express Tribune.
Also on January 19 three students from Institute of Space Technology (IST) Islamabad also received international acclaim for their well-detailed research study on super-massive black holes. The research’s references have also been used by reputed Harvard, Stony Brook, and Columbia universities.
The content of the study have also been previously published in a reputed scientific journal and the findings have been lauded as ‘outstanding’ by experts.

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