Female Pakistani celebrities that were labelled ‘homewreckers’

Their marriages met high criticism.

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Celebrity weddings are the highlight of Pakistani media, but celebrity second weddings truly make breaking news. There have been several occasions when differences have compelled two partners to separate and eventually marry another person.

However, our society is not too kind when it comes to second marriages. In almost all of these scenarios, women marrying a divorced man are labeled as home wreckers. No one calls out men for their decisions or takes time to know the whole story before blaming someone for their actions.

Here is a list of six Pakistani female celebrities who were labeled homewreckers for marrying divorced men:

1. Sadaf Kanwal 

What seemed like a match made in heaven, the marriage between Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari didn’t work out. The couple married young and gave birth to a beautiful daughter; however, they soon parted ways. Soon after, the news of Sadaf and Shahroz getting married made its way to the headlines. The public heavily criticized Sadaf Kanwal for being the reason Syra and Shahroz called it quits.

2. Naveen Waqar

Naveen Waqar, the Humsafar drama star, was accused of being a homewrecker after marrying Azfar Ali in 2012. Previously Azfar was married to Salma for almost ten years and was considered one of the most beloved celebrity couples. Later on, the couple parted ways. Following the divorce, Salma shared the details of the heartbreaking tragedy with the public in an interview. Hearing her side of the story resulted in a lot of hate towards Naveen.

3. Naheed Shabbir

Naheed Shabbirs’ wedding made everyone happy until the news about her husband’s first marriage came out. All hell broke loose when someone mentioned that he is a former producer and current government official who was married and had kids.

4. Neha Rajput 

Neha Rajput recently married Shahbaz Taseer in an extravagant wedding ceremony. However, the couple received a lot of flak from the public. People started accusing Neha as soon as the speculations about the two being in an affair while Shahbaz Taseer was married started to go around. Neha being 25 years old, was labeled a homewrecker for marrying a married man who is about to turn 40.

5. Ghana Ali

Ghana Ali got married a few months ago; however, she was instantly deemed a homewrecker when the rumors of her husband’s first wedding surfaced. According to a post on social media, Ghana’s husband married the actress without informing his first wife. Ghana was later labeled as a homewrecker for marrying a man solely for his money.

6. Tuba Amir

Tuba Amir married Amir Liaqat, which incited one of the most controversial weddings among Pakistani celebrities. She received a lot of hate for choosing Amir Liaquat as her spouse. However, things got worse when Amir’s first wife Bushra claimed that she was divorced over the phone on the instructions of Tuba. Later, his kids also took to social media to share the devastating news, which resulted in people calling her a homewrecker.

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