Pakistani celebrities and journalists who are suffering from COVID-19 and fighting it like a boss!

After the lockdown was announced in the month of March, the majority of celebrities and showbiz personalities began to observe social distancing by going into quarantine mode.

However, due to work-related commitments, a few of them had to compromise and couldn’t socially isolate themselves until later, when they found out they had contracted COVID-19.

These are the Pakistani celebrities who have contracted COVID-19 and are fighting with it like a boss!

Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir contracted the virus from her husband, not from someone on the sets of her morning show. After announcing their positive test result on social media, Nida Yasir has been self-isolating with her husband Yasir Nawaz and daughter Sila Yasir. Her sons, Fareed and Balaj, are in separate isolation, as they tested negative for Covid-19.

Yasir Nawaz

Despite precautionary measures, Yasir Nawaz contracted CoronaVirus from the set of Mera Dil Mera Dushman and ended up being a carrier for his wife Nida Yasir and daughter Sila Yasir. He took to social media and nipped health-related rumors in the bud by announcing that he is recovering just fine.

Naveed Raza

CoronaVirus affected the majority of the cast of Mera Dil Mera Dushman, including Naveed Raza. The news was confirmed by Nida Yasir’s comment on social media.

Noaman Sami

Although Noaman Sami did not make any statement about contracting the virus, Nida Yasir confirmed that he too was tested positive. The contagious nature of the virus and the fact that he is on the team of Mera Dil Mera Dushman proves the validity of Nida’s comment.

Alizeh Shah

After Alizeh Shah’s co-actors of Mera Dil Mera Dushman and her boyfriend Noaman Sami tested positive, the media channels reported that she has contracted the virus as well. Though she has refrained from commenting on it herself, her social media posts suggest how her perspective on life has changed. She often posts about how people take health for granted and suggests them to take precautionary measures.

Abrar ul Haq

Abrar ul Haq constantly stayed active on social media, raising awareness about the novel virus and suggesting to people to be careful. Before the test, he revealed that he was experiencing symptoms, so he is taking precautionary measures, advising others he encountered to do the same.

After the test, he announced the positive result and his self-isolation, stating that he would continue his charity work over Skype.

Rubina Ashraf

The rumors of Rubina Ashraf and Sakina Samo contracting the CoronaVirus were circulating simultaneously on social media. Rubina Ashraf did not make any statement about the speculations; however, Sakina Samo’s recent post confirmed the rumors.

Sakina Samo

Sakina Samo contracted the CoronaVirus, yet she wished to remain silent upon the matter. However, she was forced to speak up when the news of her death started to float on social media. In response to the nightmare, she posted a hopeful picture with Rubina Ashraf captioning it with ‘this too shall pass’.

Maria Memon

After contracting the virus, journalist Maria Memon decided to use the opportunity for dialogue, instead of worrying about recovery. She is constantly updating people with her feelings on social media and guiding them about the starter pack of dealing with the suffering.

Gharida Farooqi

Popular Journalist Gharida Farooqi took to Twitter to announce that she was showing mild symptoms. Soon after, in a brave statement, she declared that she had tested positive and educated people stating that contracting the virus is not shameful, but not self-isolating, not reporting, and not treating it rightly, is.

We wish a speedy recovery to all the celebrities who have recently contracted COVID-19, praying that they heal swiftly.

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