Pakistani celebrities come out in support of TikTok Star Areeka Haq as she becomes victim of online bullying

She became a victim of trolling after her recent project with Asim Azhar.

Trolling has become the new normal of the social media culture, and recently TikTok star, Areeka Haq, fell prey to this awful phenomenon.

The internet blew up with all sorts of negative comments about Areeka Haq after Pakistani singer Asim Azhar shared a behind-the-scenes (BTS) picture from his upcoming project that features Areeka.

The famous TikTok star went into severe depression after such a backlash from people. She questioned how people could put someone down so easily. However, many celebrities came forward to support Areeka and condemned hate-mongering seen on the internet.

Asim Azhar took to his Twitter to highlight and criticize the hypocrisy of the people who were ironically lecturing about mental health, and now putting others down.

The Jo Tu Na Mila singer also spoke exclusively to Diva Magazine, questioning the hate poured against Areeka.

“It’s not right to put someone down just because it’s a trend. It’s not alright anywhere in the world,” Asim said. “In fact, people around the globe appreciate projects where the youth is collaborating. People should be patient enough to see what we’ve done before criticizing it. I think Areeka is a strong and talented individual, and I will always try to support young people like her in whom I can see my own story.”

Along with Asim, many other celebrities came forward to support her.

Saba Qamar also did not choose to keep mum about the matter.

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