#FriendshipGoals: Do you know these Pakistani celebrities are best friends too?

Truly the friendship goals!

On-screen, many Pakistani celebrities have played the role of best friends. However, not many people know who their best friends are for real. Worry not! We have rounded up our favorite celebrity best friends to give you new #friendshipgoals to carry forward. With that being said, let’s get into our list of Pakistani celebrity best friends:

Ayeza Khan, Maya Ali and Arij Fatima

Ayeza Khan has been in the Pakistani entertainment industry long before Maya and Arij. However, soon after the two newcomers arrived, the trio blossomed and bonded pretty well. Now it is hard to spot one actress without the other two by her side.

Minal Khan and Kinza Hashmi

Minal and Kinza both have large fan followings and are quite active on social media. We are not sure when this duo of friends formed, but we know that they are now like family. Even the lockdown couldn’t keep them apart for long.

Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar

This celebrity best friend duo is relatively new; however, their connection is as strong as ever. Hania and Asim are each other’s biggest supporters. They love to travel together and embark positivity in each other’s lives.

Sanam Saeed and Sarwat Gillani

The two female actresses starred together in the telefilm ‘Dil Mera Dhadkan Teri’ opposite Ahsan Khan. Sanam and Sarwat bonded well on the sets, and their friendship only strengthened during the shooting of their stage show ‘Dhaani’. The two besties are outgoing, fun, and each other’s favorite co-stars.

Mahira Khan and Feeha Jamshed

Mahira Khan and leading designer Feeha Jamshed have been friends even before making it big in their respective fields. After succeeding, the two have become even more fond of each other. One is always there to support, appreciate and care for the other, and vice versa.

Fawad Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt

Fawad and Ahmed are the first male best friend duo on our list. The two became friends when they formed their band, Entity Paradigm, together. Blame it on music or fate; their friendship only solidified ever since. Clearly, the two are opposites; however, they made it certain that it opposites attract, and happen to be the best of friends even in the face of many hurdles.

Ayesha Omar and Anoushey Ashraf

Ayesha and Anoushey often found themselves pitted against each other for roles. However, instead of becoming rivals, they become besties. How crazy is that? The connection between the two is real and rare. Both the actresses are always there to back each other up to achieve the impossible.

Zara Noor Abbas and Sajal Aly

The newest, most enticing best friend duo is Zara and Sajal. Their friendship has stood the test of time, and they have given the real meaning to #friendshipgoals. The stories of their friendship never seem to end, and the fans can’t stop talking about the love these two divas have for each other.

Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung

It seems as if Imran and Sanam always end up finding their way back to each other. So many co-stars and all the distance – nothing seems to keep these two apart for long. They will always find time for each other, and that’s what real best friends do.

Ali Rehman and Hareem Farooq

From dance videos to funny skits to movies to hangouts, we have seen the duo together almost all the time. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the two have formed an extraordinary bond over time. The fact that they both have a wonderful sense of humor, are a team, and are not afraid to have fun makes their friendship stronger.

Osman Khalid Butt and Maya Ali

These two made their debut on television together. From there, the closeness between the two sparked. Many believed the two were dating; however, the duo laughed off all rumors and maintained that men and women could simply be best friends too!

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