Pakistani Comedian’s Fake Profile of US Woman Gently Exposes Hypocrisies

We all remember how Cynthia D. Ritchie, a U.S blogger, tweeted pictures of herself riding a bicycle on the streets of Peshawar claiming it is safe for women? A fiery debate followed it up, as activists said it is only because of her white privilege and an ordinary Pakistani woman can’t enjoy this freedom (refer to women bike rally being cancelled in Peshawar recently). As if the cancellation of the event in Peshawar after threats from Islamist party wasn’t enough to expose our hypocrisy and how ‘safe’ it is for women here, Shehzad Ghias took it to next level which has left us in laughing fits as well as deep pits of shame – both at the same time.

Shehzad Ghias is a Pakistani stand-up comedian, improv comedian and theatre actor/director. Through his twitter prank, he subtly highlighted our hypocrisy and obsession with white skin. As they say, Britishers left, but with us still remains the post-colonial hangover.

The prank kicked off on 21st January when an American named Samantha A. Gerry announced on twitter that she is visiting Pakistan is looking for places to visit. She introduced herself as a model and a vlogger who posts videos on social media. She (read: he) also tagged the widely followed and worshipped Cynthia Ritchie, saying she is visiting the country inspired by her.

In no time after going viral, despite being a FAKE profile, she was being invited by Pakistani men and being assured that the country is a safe place to visit. She appealed to the people’s hyper-nationalist sentiments with her pro-Pakistani, anti-India tweets and was soon all over the media.

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Some sent love her way, some called her back by PTI and ISPR while some even invited her on podcasts to speak on feminism. Within days, hours in fact, Ms Gerry became Pakistan’s favourite!

Because apparently, this is all it takes to make us happy – white skin and some anti-India statements.

More than anyone else, Pakistani men were all praises and love for her (for obvious reasons).

He finally decided to have a final showdown for this prank this Sunday, announcing that he was the one behind Samatha’s profile.

“only a few people picked up on this attempt at being a meta-troll and presenting a satirical take on a white traveller with a saviour complex to expose our colonial hangover and wait for a white messiah” –  Ghias wrote on his Twitter.

So guess who got trolled?

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