Meet the Pakistani couple making and distributing coronavirus prevention kits for FREE in the UK

Coronavirus has killed about 5,000 people worldwide.

A Pakistani couple, currently living in the United Kingdom, have taken it upon themselves to keep those around them safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple lives in Falkirk, Scotland and runs a small confectionery store. The two are preparing coronavirus prevention kits and distributing them free of cost to every aged person who enters their shop.

Jawad and his wife are going the extra mile and also hand-delivering the kits at the doorsteps of the elderly living in their neighborhood. Scotland is the UK’s second-biggest province, where the numbers of coronavirus-infected have surged to 85.

A newborn has also been tested positive for the novel coronavirus and is believed to be the youngest person in the UK to have contracted the virus.

Coronavirus has killed about 5,000 people worldwide. The people who are in danger are patients with a weak immune system (young children or the elderly) and those with some underlying health complications.

The virus has forced shut schools, offices and markets, and countries like Italy are on lockdown as the situation keeps getting worse.

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