Pakistani doctors gives Afghan kid new life by removing 2.5 kg brain tumor

While doctors from Turkey and India termed it 'extremely difficult', Pakistani professionals remain successful in giving the kid a new life.


When experts from India and Turkey termed the surgery ‘extremely difficult’, Pakistani doctors successfully perform it, giving the Afghan kid a new life.

In Abbottabad, a seven years old child from Afghanistan’s province, Helmand, has been gifted with a second chance at life after a tumor of 2.5 kilograms was removed from his brain in extremely complex and difficult surgery, which took place in a private hospital in the city.

The life-saving and miraculous operation was performed by Dr. Abdul Aziz, a well-known Pakistani neurosurgeon. The medical procedure had been turned down by Indian and Turkish professionals earlier as they termed it to be ‘extremely complicated’.

While speaking to a local media source on Sunday, Dr. Aziz revealed that the brain tumor weighed two and a half kilos. It has already damaged an ear and eye of the Afghan patient. He also said that the child was being provided with medical aid subsequent to the surgery and his medical condition was slowly improving.

 “Experts [from India and Turkey] had declared this surgery extremely difficult and complicated, but we proved that it was possible” – he said.

However, this isn’t the only miracle performed by Pakistani doctors, as earlier this year, the NICH (National Institute for Child Health) saved the life of an infant girl that was born with a damaged liver. The surgery was first of its kind in Pakistan.

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The three years old girl suffered from incessant stomach ashes and jaundice since the moment she was born.

The infant was given anesthesia and the doctors dissected her intestine and molded a tube out of it. The operation went on for six hours and the doctors managed to remove the bile duct which was damaged and transplant a tube instead of it.

The infant’s family resides currently in Karachi’s Kati Pahari area. She has fully recovered and can eat as well as a drink with ease now.

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