Meet the hero Pakistani doctor who is charging the same fee even after 50 years of service.

When asked why he charges so low, Khan said that there are a lot of Pakistani laborers who are working in Riyadh but are poor and hence unable to pay consultation fees.

Nazir Ahmad Khan, a Pakistani doctor, left the country in 1970 and moved to Saudi Arabia in search of a better livelihood. But his moving out of the country did not distract him from his burning passion to serve humanity.

Khan opened his private clinic in KSA fifty years ago and started off with a 30 riyal consultation fee for patients. But, even after 5 decades of service, the nonagenarian doctor charges the same fee to make it more convenient for the public to access him.

It shows his love for his new home country and his commitment to people. He states that he has received immeasurable respect and kindness from his patients and the state has been generous enough to grant him a second nationality.

While talking to the Arab news, Khan said the Saudi people and high government officials are very kind to him and appreciate his services.

The doctor originally hails from Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, and he pursued his medical studies in Lahore before migrating to Riyadh in 1962. The city back then had only three polyclinics.

Khan, while talking about his life in Saudi Arabia, said that first they put him in one hospital temporarily, and then he was made in-charge of Al-Futa hospital. After briefly serving there, he opened his own clinic in the early 1970s.

When asked why his charges are so low, Khan said that there are a lot of Pakistani laborers who are working in Riyadh but are poor and hence unable to pay consultation fees.

“Therefore, I have never taken any fee from them and treated them free of cost,” Khan said.

In 1968, Khan undertook oath as a Saudi citizen and offered his assistance in treating a deadly bacterial infection in up to 60 isolated Saudi villages.

“There were 19 doctors in Riyadh, and all of them, except myself, refused to go to the remote village] due to the fear of getting the infection,” the doctor mentioned.

Khan states that he still connects to his native country and pays a visit to Pakistan every few years. However, his heart and home are in Riyadh, a city that gave him so much and transformed right before his eyes.

“I keep on praying for the long life of both King Salman and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) as both of them are working hard for peace, justice, and progress of the Kingdom,” Khan said.

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