Pakistani Doctor Prepares Affordable Biological ‘Artificial Skin’ For Acid Attack Victims

Pakistan has a shameful history of acid attacks, that targets women in particular. Among the bills passed earlier this year, one specifically talked about the relief of acid attack victims.

The Acid and Burn Crime bill demanded capital punishment for the culprit, rehabilitation and speeding up the accountability process.

But no amount of compensation can soothe the pain of the victim, whose entire identity has been snatched away from him/her.

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However, in a revolutionary advancement in the field of medicine, the pain may be numb down a bit. Pakistani doctor from Jinnah Hospital’s burn centre,  Dr Rauf Ahmed, has created a sample of artificial skin that will help the victims of this brutality.

Biological artificial skin is prepared by removed human skin or that of cow and buffalo, hence it feels closer to the real skin as compared to synthetic or chemical alternatives.

The downside is that it can be hard to merge it with the human cells, and is not durable as it cannot be retained when damaged. But it is the closest substitute to the real skin.

The first layer of skin is removed, which is likely to remove the viruses as well. It also rules out the resistance to the artificial skin as well. Then the artificial skin is sterilised to removed all kinds of viruses.

The artificial skin has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration after initially being tested at 18 patients. It will be tested on animals in the next step and then will be tested on humans on a large scale. After this, it will be available for anyone to purchase.

But Dr Akram, an expert, says that it is not an easy process as the large industries and business will resist it from happening as it will affect their business. He added that the government needs to enable production on a large scale to help the destitute victims.

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